John The Baptist: Prophet and Disciple Alexander J. Burke (Paperback)

John The Baptist: Prophet and Disciple Alexander J. Burke (Paperback)

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For the first time in nearly 50 years, a casual yet informative method to learn about John the Baptist...
Why did each of the four evangelists make John the gateway to the Gospel, the first preacher of Good News? What were the reasons for the early church's intense interest in a desert hermit whose public ministry lasted two years or less? Why in early Christian tradition was John the Baptist accorded an exalted religious stature, almost equal to that of Mary? The irony is that most modern scholarship on John has missed the true sources of his religious his links to Christ and to the very earliest beginnings of the Christian religion from the Introduction.
Alexander Burke pieces together the mystery of this well-known disciple of Jesus one chapter at a time, covering John s preaching, arrest and execution, his role in Eastern and Western Christian Tradition, and the many paradoxes surrounding him.
An excellent resource for group or individual study, John the Baptist offers questions for reflection at the end of each chapter.

Discover a fresh perspective of John the Baptist. Let him rise to the top of the beadroll of Christian heroes where Jesus believed he belonged. Step back and see the beautiful mosaic of mysteries that made up this fascinating saint's life.

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